In a way, it can be said that they are in love. Over the top OTT platforms are the medium that has grabbed the most headlines. Social distancing has led people to stay at home, where the only source of entertainment is Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Voot and many other platforms. People now spend most of their time on these online streaming mediums, accelerating the decline of television. The reasons for these changes are numerous. OTT platforms are more susceptible to experimentation as they offer unique and diverse content. In contrast, the content on different channels on television is mostly similar. The audience has to restrict themselves from watching any particular genre.

Online platforms come with different genres like action, horror, drama, thriller and comedy. Youngsters use these platforms more to binge watch genres they like most. Unfortunately, television fails to provide such features to its viewers.
Apart from content on OTT, improvements in technology have also led to decline in television subscriptions. With the advent of options like Smart TV, Chromecast, the traditional method of entertainment has been affected the most. Even though these are more expensive, people still prefer OTT over television because of its versatility. They can watch shows, sports, live news on these OTT channels. For example, Hotstar- is an online platform where anyone can watch news and cricket anytime and anywhere. Unlike television which requires proper setup.

However, we have seen a surge in viewership on television as old shows and epics, which had earlier garnered a fan base, started airing again during the lockdown. But this was just a phase. The main reason behind this increase was sadness. All the die-hard fans of Ramayana and Mahabharata watched these re-telecasts carefully.

Television subscription allows you to watch channels of your choice. OTT platforms require only a subscription. One can stream movies, TV shows, web shows, that too in different languages. We can say that accessing good content from online streaming is hassle free.
In the future, online platforms can be a platform through which content creators can grow and gain popularity and can also be a great place to expand and gain expertise. Moreover, with the advent of digitalization, people will use OTT platforms as a means of entertainment. This will essentially be considered a ‘new normal’ for freezing every weekend. The work-from-home culture caused by the pandemic has freed up time for working professionals. This led to an increase in the discovery of new material.

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